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If you’re like me, a colorful bin of fruits and vegetables looks a lot like a treasure chest brimming with jewels. My mouth actually waters when I see a stack of peppers — red, green, yellow and orange. Throw in some deep purple blueberries, frilly kale, spring onions, leeks, apricots and eggplant … I see I’m getting carried away again.

If you’d rather browse a farmers market than supermarket shelves, we’ll be very happy together. Little Green Wheelbarrow is the place to learn about new trends in shopping for, growing and preparing all the luscious fresh fruits and vegetables that are available today. Notice the tabs on the home page for Markets, Gardens and Eating. We visit the best farmers markets we can access — either in person or with the help of our contributors — to share their special finds. We also see how those foods are grown by innovative local growers, and then how the best restaurants are preparing them.

With all that eye candy around, it won’t be long until you’re wondering how you can grow those delectable delights yourself. So we’ve got a section for budding gardeners, from how to get started to the finer points of composting and co-planting, and beyond. Some of these gardens are community affairs, with support from professionals whose passion is helping urban dwellers reconnect with their food. Other gardens are as small as your balcony, or kitchen counter. Really, there’s no limit to the creative spaces some gardeners are using.

Personally, I came to this love of the land honestly, with both sides of my family farming or sharecropping since before the 1850s. And now that I’ve adopted a mostly plant-based diet, the allure of the garden is irresistible.

But my parents, like so many of their generation, couldn’t wait to put down the hoe for big city life, so I have to re-educate my green thumb. Living here in California’s central valley — the richest and most prolific farm land in the country — I have plenty of mentors.  I hope you’ll join us for the journey!

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Here’s to the good life!


Kristi Garrett, Publisher and Editor
Sacramento, California