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Endive Salad: Kristi Garrett

The secret world of endive

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What do you know about endive? Most Americans, if they know of endive at all, think of it as bitter, expensive lettuce hearts. Au contraire, mon frère. Called “White Gold” in Belgium, the white variety of endive is one of the most popular vegetables in France. It is often the foundation for soups and stews, and is a natural in salads and appetizers. But endive is still an unusual find…

Daylin Wade demonstrates proper spacing of plants.

Learn to ’grow your groceries’ at Soil Born Farms

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Dozens of novice gardeners learned what it takes to get a spring garden started the right way during a free clinic at Soil Born Farms near Sacramento, California. “We’ve never offered anything quite like it before,” says Sarah Barnes, the farm’s education coordinator. “The idea is to offer a variety of options for people who are interested in learning about gardening.” The Spring Garden Clinic held in February 2015 reviewed…

Rocking Chair Farm

Always a festival at San Luis Obispo farmers market

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Midweek evenings can be quiet in the downtown shopping corridor of many towns, but that’s certainly not the case in San Luis Obispo on Thursdays. Five blocks of Higuera Street are closed to traffic, allowing crowds of pedestrians to enjoy a thriving farmers market and food vendors galore. Students from Cal Poly — the nickname of California Polytechnic State University, one of the nation’s premier agricultural schools — help keep the atmosphere…

Wa Moua, Moua Farm

Stroll historic downtown Folsom on farmers market Saturday

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Folsom, California is host to a pleasant farmers market at the railroad turntable in historic downtown. One of seven markets managed by BeMoneySmartUSA, the Folsom Farmers Market runs each Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., across from 915 Sutter Street. It’s open year-round, rain or shine. The Sierra foothills town of Folsom sprang up during the California gold rush and is perhaps best known for its prison (thanks to…

Photos: Trinette Marquis for Little Green Wheelbarrow

Brave Guatemala’s Antigua Mercado and claim delicious tropical rewards

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The town market in Antigua, Guatemala is in an unusual place, smashed between a popular chicken restaurant and busy avenue on one side, and the always-dusty and harried bus yard on the other. The intense chaos and sheer number of people in the Antigua Mercado on market day might dissuade the occasional traveler, but rest assured the lack of personal space is worth it. Comprising hundreds of stalls selling everything…