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Konstablerwache market in Frankfurt: Organic produce in abundance year-round

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Daylight is fading and it’s freezing cold, yet the market is absolutely buzzing. I was worried that it might be closed, but it seems that it would take more than a light flurry of snow and a bracing -1° C (30° F) outdoor temperature to affect business at Frankfurt’s weekly Konstablerwache Farmer’s Market. Customers line up with wicker baskets in hand, stocking up on fresh produce – lettuces and cabbages…

Endive Salad: Kristi Garrett

The secret world of endive

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What do you know about endive? Most Americans, if they know of endive at all, think of it as bitter, expensive lettuce hearts. Au contraire, mon frère. Called “White Gold” in Belgium, the white variety of endive is one of the most popular vegetables in France. It is often the foundation for soups and stews, and is a natural in salads and appetizers. But endive is still an unusual find…

Barrie Farmers Market

Canada’s Barrie Farmers Market keeps producing in winter

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During winter the vendors of the Barrie Farmers Market move indoors, safe from the fickle whims of Mother Nature in this central Canadian city. Barrie, a one-hour drive north of Toronto, Ontario, has seen two 1-foot snowfalls already this year. But today — a market day— the weather is mild and some of the white stuff is melting away. The vendors are packed quite tightly into the rotunda of the city hall…

Buenos Aires Market: a trip for the senses

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In a city known for its meat, Buenos Aires Market is dedicated to healthy and organic vegetarian products. One weekend a month you will have the chance to eat a succulent vegetarian meal while you appreciate one of the city’s iconic parks. The idea behind this market is to bring healthy and organic foods into everyone’s life, which is why it moves from neighborhood to neighborhood each month. As you pass by…