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Tempeh lettuce wraps:

Spicy tempeh lettuce wraps

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As warmer days approach, meals often become lighter. One of my favorites, when I’m not in the mood for just a salad, is a lettuce wrap with a hearty filling. Lettuce wraps are truly a regional and seasonal affair. I’ve had them in Hawaii made with tofu and macadamia nuts. Here on the mainland they’re usually seen with chicken. But if you’re avoiding meat, there is a great alternative that…

Veggie Trike:

West Sacramento Veggie Trike brings back home delivery

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Remember the days when milk and eggs were delivered to one’s home? No, you may not. It’s been a while. But since consumers have discovered the superiority of the fresh local produce and foods they can get at their farmers market, there’s been renewed interest in the convenience of home delivery. Collin Samaan and Aimee Benner are doing their part to reconnect consumers with locally sourced foods — going so…

Coconut Blueberry Tart

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Sometimes you just have to have dessert. Granted, plump, fresh-picked blueberries are a wonderful snack by themselves. And baked in a pie — boy, oh, boy — that’s good eating. Why not combine the pop of fresh, cold berries with a chewy crust, layered with a cool, creamy filling? This unpretentious tart begins with a coconut and nut crust that requires no special handling. Just mix the ingredients and press…

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5 ways to coax your kids into the garden

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There’s something very soothing about being outdoors, isn’t there? Feel the breeze on your face, listen to the rustling of the leaves in the trees, hear the birds chirp. Watch a squirrel run up and down the trees, stopping to watch you as he does. See the birds finding insects and bits of nesting material. Feel the warmth of the sun as you dig in the soil. If you love gardening,…