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Start seeds indoors for a jump on the growing season

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In the upper Midwest, it is crucial to start some of our fruit and vegetable seedlings indoors. Here at Heart and Soil Farm in North Dakota, our growing season is short (roughly Mid-April through early October) and you never can tell when spring will arrive. We have what we like to refer to here as Weather— with a capital “W”. Everyone talks about the weather here; people watch the news…

5 plant-based recipe hacks for eggs, fats, dairy, meat and sugar

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Plant-based eating can be pure joy. The true flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables corner the spotlight when there’s no meat or dairy to take over the dish. Recipe options are limited only by what’s in season and your imagination. But that’s where many of us get stuck: Imagination. Plant-based, vegan eating could get boring without a variety of recipes that feature herbs, spices, and unfamiliar produce to spice them…

One Lucky Duck Chelsea Market

Crave tasty raw treats on the go? You’re One Lucky Duck to be in New York City

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If you’re in New York City and looking for a restaurant with healthy, vegan light meals and snacks, consider popping into One Lucky Duck Juice and Takeaway. With two locations in Manhattan (the original juice bar sits in Gramercy and you’ll find a newer location in the cute Chelsea Market, One Luck Ducky Juice and Takeaway makes it easy to get a nutritious and delicious bite on the go. [Editor’s…

culinary herbs

Spice up your kitchen with a beautiful, edible herb garden

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One of the joys of gardening is the ability to snip fresh herbs as you cook. Fresh herbs liven up a dish in ways you can’t imagine if you’ve always used dried spices. When you have a culinary garden just steps from your kitchen, you’ll use fresh herbs more often — and reduce your reliance on salt and sugar to season fresh vegetables and stews. Herbs can also complement your other…

West Sacramento Urban Farm | Sara Bernal |

Urban farms sprout up nationwide to conquer food deserts, blight

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Vacant city lots rarely inspire hope in the residents who pass them daily. Too often they’re used as a dumping ground — weed-infested icons of urban blight. Meanwhile, many of the people living near those empty lots have little access to fresh fruits and vegetables, their only options within walking distance being the few wilting vegetables available at their corner liquor store. Fortunately, in a growing number of communities nationwide, unused…