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Fresh garbanzo beans

Fresh garbanzo beans — Enjoy them while they last!

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I’m always on the lookout for produce I’ve never encountered before. So when I came across a bin of pillowy green pods, I wasted no time in tearing one open to see what it contained. A miniature green brain? A wrinkly pea? I popped the bean into my mouth and found it had a delicate sweet flavor. Oh, these must be fresh garbanzo beans! Now, I’m a sucker for all…

Photos: Trinette Marquis for Little Green Wheelbarrow

Brave Guatemala’s Antigua Mercado and claim delicious tropical rewards

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The town market in Antigua, Guatemala is in an unusual place, smashed between a popular chicken restaurant and busy avenue on one side, and the always-dusty and harried bus yard on the other. The intense chaos and sheer number of people in the Antigua Mercado on market day might dissuade the occasional traveler, but rest assured the lack of personal space is worth it. Comprising hundreds of stalls selling everything…

Let’s visit Argentina’s Puerto de Frutos: an island produce market supplied by boat

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There are few places on earth like Delta del Tigre, Argentina. This geographic formation of hundreds of small islands can only be reached by boat. It is one of Argentina’s jewels. From Buenos Aires, long ferry rides along the Parana River can be combined with afternoons wandering around hundreds of stands on the Puerto de Frutos open air market on the north of the city. The Puerto de Frutos (Fruit…

Fight greens fatigue with a spicy black bean-chard saute

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The first few CSA boxes of the season evoke a number of feelings in me: enjoyment of the season, creative fervor on how I’ll use all that produce … and a little thing I call “greens fatigue.” Among a few other odds and ends, the list of what was in my last CSA box included spinach, arugula, bok choy, cilantro, kale, head lettuce, and chard. Greens are crunchy, tasty, and…