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Compost the easy way with worms

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If you’ve ever wished there was an easy, compact and clean way to use your food scraps while feeding your garden, a worm bin may be just the thing. Compared with large, unwieldy compost piles outdoors, vermiculture can be easily accomplished indoors in just about any size space. “Worms are a no-brainer. I can’t tell you how easy it is,” says master gardener Patty Peterson from the Sacramento County University Extension…

Cover Crop

Not planting a winter garden? Here’s how to cover your beds for a fertile spring

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You’ve had a fruitful garden this summer, but now it’s time to pull out those straggly tomato bushes and get ready for winter. But what if you’re not enthused about being busy outdoors during the cold, rainy months? You can take the winter off and do your vegetable beds a big favor at the same time by simply planting a cover crop instead of winter vegetables. What is a cover…

Which compost bin do master gardeners prefer?

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Many home gardeners recognize the value of composting, but the thought of wrangling big, unwieldy bins is overwhelming. So many never get started. The master gardeners at the Sacramento County Cooperative Extension hope to make the task easier for you. To test which of the many styles of compost bins are most effective, master gardeners set up a variety of bins and used them this year to see which ones…

Creative containers you can use to garden anywhere

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If you live in a small space without a garden plot, you can still grow vegetables in the space you do have — be it a balcony or patio. You’ll just have to get creative. Many vegetables are easy to grow in containers. Container gardening welcomes innovation. There are some clearly definable requirements that, once met, will free you to experiment with the types of containers you use. The result can…