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Kids making a mess at the community garden

How to get your kids excited about gardening

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In theory, gardening with kids should be easy. It involves some fundamental elements that many kids love: soil to dig in, water to pour, structures to build, flowers to pick, and then at some point there’s the novelty of eating fruits and vegetables straight from the sun-warmed plant. To get to the point where your child enjoys gardening, however, you might have to let go of some perfectionist tendencies and…


Trade your lawn for an edible landscape

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It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, and the lawnmowers are busy. Oh my, that grass. Growing green and lush, it takes over the front and back yards in profusion. Beautiful, yes. But the watering and the mowing it demands! You wipe the sweat off your forehead and head indoors for a cold drink. What if your time spent in the garden was more fruitful and less exhausting? Imagine that instead of…

Bee and lavender; Richard Taylor

Which flowers will attract birds and bees to your garden?

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If you are just getting into organic gardening, you are probably aware of how beneficial it is to become friends with nature. There are a plethora of natural tools to help you and your garden stay pest free and produce a bountiful harvest year after year. Consider how two of those tools—birds and bees—can help in your veggie garden: Birds are flying bug-zappers Birds are not only fascinating to watch,…

Tumbling Tom from

Five vegetables that are easy to grow in containers

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If you love the flavor and freshness of just-picked vegetables, you can’t beat the convenience of growing your own. Even if you have limited space, such as an apartment or condo balcony, you can reap a crop of home-grown goodies. Here are five sure-fire crops that work well in containers. 1. Tomatoes Tomatoes, of course, will reward you with some of the best fruit you can get, especially in the…