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Creamy Pumpkin Pot Pie

2 delicious stuffings for winter squash

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Bins and bins of colorful orbs are calling — it’s winter squash season! Orange, yellow, green, striped, lumpy and bumpy — all the colors of fall. The varieties seem endless. So how can you show off each unique shape as you actually consume these sweet and satisfying curcurbits? Round squash just yearn to be stuffed. Those with a large hollow center are perfect receptacles for soups or stuffing. Small sugar pumpkins, acorn…

Coconut Blueberry Tart

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Sometimes you just have to have dessert. Granted, plump, fresh-picked blueberries are a wonderful snack by themselves. And baked in a pie — boy, oh, boy — that’s good eating. Why not combine the pop of fresh, cold berries with a chewy crust, layered with a cool, creamy filling? This unpretentious tart begins with a coconut and nut crust that requires no special handling. Just mix the ingredients and press…


California Quinoa Tabouli Salad

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Ever since I lived in Greece, tabouli has been one of my favorite salads. Tabouli, or tabbouleh, is commonly served throughout the Middle East as a starter or side dish. Traditionally, wheat bulgur forms the base of a simple tabouli, since it was readily available in Syria and Lebanon where the dish originated. The wheat formed a hearty base for a filling main dish where meat was scarce, so it’s…

Taro root, cassava and squash salad. Photo: Kristi Garrett

Taro root, cassava and squash salad

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One of my favorite parts of visiting a farmers market is coming across a fruit or vegetable I’ve never seen before. Or one that I’ve always wanted to try. My local Thursday market at Florin Road has a distinctive Asian flair. In season, it’s the best place for Thai basil, lemongrass, and several types of Thai eggplant that really perk up an authentic curry. The eggplants were gone by a recent visit, though,…


Vegan coconut flan with raspberry coulis

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Do you love a nice custard flan, but wish to avoid the dairy and eggs? This vegan coconut flan with raspberry coulis makes a refreshing ending to a hearty meal. Since this vegan recipe contains no eggs or gelatin, obtaining a flan with the right delicately firm consistency was a bit of a challenge. My first attempt at a baked custard, replacing the eggs with a common dried egg substitute,…