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Tomatillo soup with jalapenos, canelli beans and corn. Little Green Wheelbarrow

Tomatillo soup with cannellini ‘chicken’

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Living in California as I do, regular doses of Mexican food are a must. If I go a week without it, I get the shakes. It’s like salsa runs through my veins. One of my favorite salsas is the green type, used for enchiladas and verdes, or to top tacos and salads. The base of green salsas is the tomatillo, a fruit that’s a staple of Mexican and Central American…

Cauliflower mashed potatoes

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The next time you’re asked to bring a side dish to a potluck supper — or anytime your menu calls for mashed potatoes — you may wish to add a bit of punch to your dish by throwing in some fresh veggies. This mashed potato recipe is inspired by the colorful varieties of cauliflower that are now becoming readily available. The purple color comes from an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which is also found…

Asparagus cornbread with roasted garlic

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Here in Northern California impending asparagus festivals are conjuring up all kinds of treatments for the perennial herb: battered and fried spears, blended in ice cream, stir-fried, sauteed, souped, sauced … But many times asparagus recipes end up doing injustice to what is otherwise a very nutritious and lovely food. We all know of asparagus’ rather pronounced effect on one’s … ahem … secretions. That said, asparagus does have beneficial diuretic…

Vegan coconut flan with raspberry coulis

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Do you love a nice custard flan, but wish to avoid the dairy and eggs? This vegan coconut flan with raspberry coulis makes a refreshing ending to a hearty meal. Since this vegan recipe contains no eggs or gelatin, obtaining a flan with the right delicately firm consistency was a bit of a challenge. My first attempt at a baked custard, replacing the eggs with a common dried egg substitute,…