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Fresh garbanzo beans

Fresh garbanzo beans — Enjoy them while they last!

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I’m always on the lookout for produce I’ve never encountered before. So when I came across a bin of pillowy green pods, I wasted no time in tearing one open to see what it contained. A miniature green brain? A wrinkly pea? I popped the bean into my mouth and found it had a delicate sweet flavor. Oh, these must be fresh garbanzo beans! Now, I’m a sucker for all…

Fight greens fatigue with a spicy black bean-chard saute

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The first few CSA boxes of the season evoke a number of feelings in me: enjoyment of the season, creative fervor on how I’ll use all that produce … and a little thing I call “greens fatigue.” Among a few other odds and ends, the list of what was in my last CSA box included spinach, arugula, bok choy, cilantro, kale, head lettuce, and chard. Greens are crunchy, tasty, and…

5 plant-based recipe hacks for eggs, fats, dairy, meat and sugar

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Plant-based eating can be pure joy. The true flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables corner the spotlight when there’s no meat or dairy to take over the dish. Recipe options are limited only by what’s in season and your imagination. But that’s where many of us get stuck: Imagination. Plant-based, vegan eating could get boring without a variety of recipes that feature herbs, spices, and unfamiliar produce to spice them…

Taro root, cassava and squash salad

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One of my favorite parts of visiting a farmers market is coming across a fruit or vegetable I’ve never seen before. Or one that I’ve always wanted to try. My local Thursday market at Florin Road has a distinctive Asian flair. In season, it’s the best place for Thai basil, lemongrass, and several types of Thai eggplant that really perk up an authentic curry. The eggplants were gone by a recent visit, though,…