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5 plant-based recipe hacks for eggs, fats, dairy, meat and sugar

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Plant-based eating can be pure joy. The true flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables corner the spotlight when there’s no meat or dairy to take over the dish. Recipe options are limited only by what’s in season and your imagination. But that’s where many of us get stuck: Imagination. Plant-based, vegan eating could get boring without a variety of recipes that feature herbs, spices, and unfamiliar produce to spice them…

Taro root, cassava and squash salad

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One of my favorite parts of visiting a farmers market is coming across a fruit or vegetable I’ve never seen before. Or one that I’ve always wanted to try. My local Thursday market at Florin Road has a distinctive Asian flair. In season, it’s the best place for Thai basil, lemongrass, and several types of Thai eggplant that really perk up an authentic curry. The eggplants were gone by a recent visit, though,…

Celery root and carrot fritters with Brussels sprouts slaw

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Celeriac. What is this stuff? Celeriac, or celery root, is certainly not known for its beauty in the produce aisle. Dirt-stained and hairy with feeder root stubs, these humble orbs are not the sort of vegetable that get featured in seasonal displays. They look more like something the dog must have buried and forgot in the yard. I was introduced to celery root by a fellow shopper who was making…

Creamy meatless wonton noodles to soothe the soul

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  Friends recently invited me over for a wonton wrapping party. Which is how it should be done since wrapping those little packets can get tedious without friends and laughter to distract you. But since I don’t eat meat, I used a tofu-based mixture to fill my wontons. The water chestnuts and ginger in the filling — roughly following the recipe below — was crunchy and spicy and a great complement to…

These plant-based recipes for a healthy heart are deliciously simple

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Besides recipes for food, a new plant-based cookbook from Drs. Cathi and Rajiv Misquitta offers a recipe for a healthy and vibrant life. While “Healthy Heart, Healthy Planet” certainly does its job for cooks, it also provides inspiration for those with heart disease by reviewing the evidence for plant-based eating after telling the cautionary tale of author Dr. Rajiv Misquitta’s heart attack at age 40. In a detailed introduction, the…