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Turmeric barley salad

A salad for the season: Turmeric barley with Mediterranean spices and pickled turnip

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Summer salads don’t need to be lush and green to represent the season. They can also be as bright and bold as sunshine — just like this one. I love barley. It’s substantial and it doesn’t take any attitude. You think something will overwhelm my naturally nuttiness? Give it a shot pal. Which means that when you get the right combinations with barley — you can have a pretty unforgettable meal…

Stuffed Miso Eggplant

Cherry tomato bonanza! 3 recipes to use your garden’s bounty

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It’s tomato season, and those of us who garden may be harvesting colanders full of cherry tomatoes every other day. While we love popping them like candy, a few alternative serving suggestions might be welcome. Here are three recipes that can handle all the cherry tomatoes you can throw at ‘em. Use a variety of heirloom tomatoes for flavor and color! The first, a stuffed eggplant with Japanese miso dressing,…

Baby greens, chicory and chive blossom salad with oregano dressing

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When I first met my husband in the 1990s, I thought that a salad was lettuce, tomato, onion, celery and ranch dressing. That was it. Then lo and behold, the first time I went to his father’s house we had salad filled with every vegetable imaginable—along with nuts, seeds and a vinaigrette that was loaded with cilantro and parsley. The salad was massive. And a variation of that infamous line…

Zucchini galette

Rustic summer galette with purple beans and zucchini

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When amazing summer vegetables arrive it might sound odd to—you know—cook with them. They’re so beautiful in their natural form, why mess with perfection? But there comes a point in summer when you just long to turn the oven on. Although you might think that Vermont has fairly mild summers, they’ve been getting hotter. When I was growing up the thought of an air conditioner being a necessity would have…

raw asparagus. Liz West

Cook asparagus the right way: try this Milanese recipe

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I know the growing season is really under way once I see bundles of asparagus starting to crop up on vendors’ tables at my local farmers market. In spring the shoots are all small and thin, but by summer I’m filling my bags with beautiful robust bundles. A lot of people aren’t fans of this vegetable—or at least they think they’re not, possibly because they grew up as I did…