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Soil Born Farms stand

Sacramento’s Soil Born Farms is a community affair that grows more than food

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Nestled between the American River and a cozy residential neighborhood, Sacramento’s Soil Born Farms is more than just a field of squash and kale. It’s one of a new breed of nonprofit agricultural enterprises, devoted to teaching community members where their food comes from, how to grow it, and best of all, how to enjoy it. All sustainably, of course. Attracted by the Saturday morning farm stand, residents stream in—some…

Nicolas Garden

8-year-old mobile app creator cooks up a love of vegetables

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It’s not too unusual for a kid to hate vegetables. So the fact that 7-year-old Nicolas Come didn’t want the creatures on his pizza could have been expected. But Nicolas’ father, Stephane Come (sounds like comb), just couldn’t have a kid who wouldn’t eat vegetables. As a Frenchman and a chef, that would be too much. So he started his campaign to convert Nicolas, the self-proclaimed “pickiest eater on the…