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Fight greens fatigue with a spicy black bean-chard saute

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The first few CSA boxes of the season evoke a number of feelings in me: enjoyment of the season, creative fervor on how I’ll use all that produce … and a little thing I call “greens fatigue.” Among a few other odds and ends, the list of what was in my last CSA box included spinach, arugula, bok choy, cilantro, kale, head lettuce, and chard. Greens are crunchy, tasty, and…

Farm Fresh to You

CSA boxes offer farm-fresh goodness with no middle man

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When I first moved to Wisconsin nine years ago, I didn’t expect to find a fresh food paradise waiting for me here. I grew up in the 40-mile smear of suburbs north of Detroit, and while I was used to seeing the occasional farm stand, strip malls and parking lots were much more common. As far as I would have guessed, a 400-mile move due west wasn’t going to make…