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Tag : Gardening 101

'Strawberries and onions newly planted' CC BY-SA 2.0 Korye Logan

Easy square foot gardens offer abundance, variety in small spaces

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If you’re new to gardening, you’d likely prefer to start small. Which is why many people begin their gardening experience in containers that they can easily inspect and maintain. Once you’re confident that you won’t kill off every single plant immediately — especially if you’ve had the pleasure of eating your own fresh-picked produce — you’ll probably want more. It just happens that way. You’ve been bitten by the gardening bug. So…

How to prune your fruit trees

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January is pruning time in the Northern Hemisphere. Even in places where it’s not snowy — like Sacramento, my hometown — it’s time to get those trees and vines in shape for a fruitful summer. The master gardeners from our local University of California Cooperative Extension gathered at the Fair Oaks Horticultural center recently to demonstrate to a packed house the basics of pruning fruit trees, berry and grape vines, and roses….

Day 142 - Garden Plan

How to plan your vegetable garden

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Ah, the cozy days of autumn. All’s quiet in the garden as the rain and fog drive us indoors. Now’s the time to dream and plan for next year’s vegetable bounty. I’ll admit this planning stage is new to me. I come from a class of “gardener” who gets inspired once seedlings appear in the grocery store and exuberantly sunny days make my yard boisterous with life. This year I…

Compost the easy way with worms

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If you’ve ever wished there was an easy, compact and clean way to use your food scraps while feeding your garden, a worm bin may be just the thing. Compared with large, unwieldy compost piles outdoors, vermiculture can be easily accomplished indoors in just about any size space. “Worms are a no-brainer. I can’t tell you how easy it is,” says master gardener Patty Peterson from the Sacramento County University Extension…