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Finished pruning...

14 garden chores to get ready for winter

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When autumn slowly creeps in with shorter days and cooler temperatures, it’s definitely a welcome break for the gardener from the hot and hectic summer days in the garden. Tempting though it is to snuggle up with pretty garden catalogs, remember that you still have ‘miles’ to go. Stay focused on these essential autumn chores to ensure a relaxed winter and joyful spring. 1. Pay attention to the lawn Autumn…

Poor soil

Why won’t my garden grow? It’s all about the soil

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You can have the nicest organic plants that you grew from seed or young plants purchased from a reputable garden center and they still might not produce much. What’s wrong? For the novice gardener a failure for your seedlings to thrive can be a huge blow, enough of a disappointment for some to give up growing altogether. Take heart — there is a way to have a thriving vegetable garden…